Understanding the Application Process /
Standard Bank Shares


(Incorporated in the Republic of Namibia)
(Registration number 2006/306)
Share code: SBO
(“SBN Holdings” or “the Group”)

Reservation of rights

The Directors of SBN Holdings reserve the right to accept or refuse any application(s), either in whole or in part, or to abate any or all application(s) (whether or not received timeously) in such manner as they may, in their sole and absolute discretion, determine.

The Directors of SBN Holdings reserve the right to accept or reject, either in whole or in part, any application should the terms contained in theprospectus and the instructions contained therein not be properly complied with.


This application constitutes a legal contract between SBN Holdings and the applicant. Application forms will not be accepted unless the above information has been completed in full and all the documents as required are attached. Please refer to the terms, conditions and payment of the public offer set out in paragraph 11.3 of the prospectus. Applicants should consult their stockbroker, banker, legal practitioner, accountant or other professional advisor in case of any doubt as to the correct completion of this application.

  1. Applications must be for a minimum of 250 shares and in multiples of 100 thereafter.
  2.  All alterations on the application form must be authenticated by full signature.
  3. The public offer can only be made on the attached application form. Copies or reproductions will not be accepted.
  4. The public offer may not be ceded, renounced or assigned in favour of anyone else.
  5. The public offer shares forming the subject matter of the public offer may be applied for in the name of a minor but the application must be accompanied with a certified birth certificate. The public offer shares may not be applied for in the name of a partnership. Executors, trustees and individual partners may apply for such public offer shares in their own name or through nominee companies. Documentary evidence of capacity need to accompany the public offer application.
  6. The public offer applications are irrevocable and may not be withdrawn once received by SBN Holdings.
  7. No receipts will be issued for application forms, application monies or any supporting documentation.
  8. The public offer applications will only be regarded as complete once payment for the total amount of the application has been received. Should any banker’s draft subsequently be dishonoured, the Directors of SBN Holdings may, in their sole discretion, and without prejudice to any rights the company may have, regard the public offer application of such applicant as revoked or take such steps in regard thereto as they deem fit.
  9. “Blocked assets” may be used by emigrants and non-residents of the common monetary area for payment in terms of the public offer. In this regard, reference should be made to paragraph 24 of the prospectus which deals with Exchange Control Regulations.
  10. SBN Holdings accepts no responsibility and will not be liable for the incorrect or any misallocation of public offer shares pursuant to payment being made or alleged to have been made by way of internet transfer due to proof of such payment not being received or purported proof of such payment being insufficient or defective or SBN Holdings, for any reason, not being able to reconcile a payment or purported payment with a particular application for shares in terms of the public offer.